Thought Leader Life 273: Guest Bernadette Boas

Improve yourself in the workplace through change management. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Bernadette Boas (, founder and CEO at Ball of Fire Consulting.

Bernadette conducts change management consulting to members of a team or organization who are highly productive but are struggling with their peers and how they get along with other people in the workplace. She has over 25 years of experience helping people overcome personality challenges, as well as her own story of how she became a better version of herself, both professionally and personally.

If you recognize someone in your organization who is highly productive yet happens to be toxic to others and needs to undergo #ChangeManagement, consider reaching out to Bernadette Boas at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • HR and direct managers who need help with a team member who is highly productive but struggles with communication, teaming, and delegation should look at the work of Bernadette Boas. #ChangeManagement @BernadetteBoas
  • Those who have undeniably great potential at work but irritate the people around them, who are then unwilling to work with them, should undergo a rehabilitation program. #ChangeManagement @BernadetteBoas
  • HR and direct managers will see that the investment in rehabilitating their team members is worth it once they transcend from what they were to become a highly productive person. #ChangeManagement @BernadetteBoas
  • In order to find the right program for them, I assess people on where they are and how they perceive themselves, followed by a series of more questions. It is a process that came out of my own experience. #ChangeManagement @BernadetteBoas
  • Assessing people by asking deep questions can get take the convo to both a comfortable & uncomfortable degree. But I always start with a foundation of trust, confidentiality & support to help them become better. #ChangeManagement @BernadetteBoas

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