Thought Leader Life 275: Guest Cornelia Gamlem

Manage employee problems through an objective HR lens. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Cornelia Gamlem, who has years of experience working with a Fortune 500 company at the operations and corporate level as well as with small businesses. She is skilled in human resource and business practices, policy and management development in a variety of firms and industries including privately held firms and nonprofits.

Cornelia co-authored The Manager’s Answer Book, The Big Book of HR, The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book and The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. Those are all great resources for managers, business owners and HR professionals. She is passionate about helping CEOs and HR professionals with issues such as diversity awareness, workplace harassment, conflict management, performance management, effective interviews, team building and affirmative action.

If you are trying to manage employee problems, and are not being successful, you should consider reaching out to Cornelia Gamlem by visiting her website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • CEOs and HR professionals who are trying to manage employee problems, and are not being successful, should reach out to Cornelia Gamlem. #HRManagement @bigbookofhr
  • If employee behavior is less than desirable in the workplace, how do you get to the bottom of it? Finding the root cause may require interviewing people and discovering the background of what the issue is. #HRManagement @bigbookofhr
  • When dealing with employee problems, you need to bring somebody in from the outside. I have no preconceived notion of what is going on in your org and I can help you look at your employee behavior objectively. #HRManagement
  • Behavioral problems can be very disruptive and can affect everyone. The root cause is not always apparent. This is where Cornelia comes in with an objective lens. She can help you find a solution to manage your employee problems. #HRManagement
  • Many times, employee problems can be prevented by policies that make sense to everyone in the org. I can help make sure that your policies and practices are aligned with your company’s mission and culture. #HRManagement

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