Thought Leader Life 277: Guest Andy Goldstrom

Refine your service offerings and approach with proven strategies that will enable you to meet your growth targets. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Andy Goldstrom (, Managing Partner at Midcourse Advisors, TechStars Atlanta Mentor and a university instructor.  Based on his background as a two time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and executive, he has learned how to exploit opportunities and minimize costly errors.  From these experiences, he developed a proprietary system called Business OffenseTM that gives business leaders the blueprint to accelerate success.

One of Andy’s recent success stories involved repositioning a real estate firm’s value proposition that enabled them to win two multi-million dollar accounts within 90 days. Andy is a strategic thinker, a detailed leader and a consummate professional.

If you are a leader of a service-based business and experiencing challenges that prevent growth and success, consider reaching out to Andy Goldstrom by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Service-based business leaders who are struggling to achieve their goals, overcome issues and mistakes and finding themselves stuck should reach out to Andy Goldstrom. #GrowthStrategy
  • If you are questioning your strategic direction and want an actionable plan that will work, I can help you drive the right path to elevate your business. #GrowthStrategy #StrategicPlanning
  • Is your team struggling to reach your targets? My role is to guide you to develop the right solutions that address problems customers need and target, focus and win business through proper targeting and sales execution. #GrowthStrategy #SalesEffectiveness
  • I can evaluate your operations by quickly assessing challenges and effectively implementing tactical priorities to ensure success in your business. #GrowthStrategy #operational excellence
  • Do you wonder how to best manage your cash flow and invest in the right opportunities? I can help you determine the highest impact, easiest implementable investments.  #GrowthStrategy #FinancialManagement

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