Thought Leader Life 278: Guest Bill Reed

Getting your salesforce fully engaged with cutting-edge neuroscience sales enablement tools. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Bill Reed (, CMO and CSO at NeuronLeaders, member of the board of directors at Aretanium, and leadership consulting partner at The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is a certified ABM and sales enablement strategist, certified leadership coach, best-selling author, and Navy veteran.

Bill conducts sales enablement, development, training, and coaching for companies. He is dedicated to helping his clients get their salesforce fully engages with the latest, effective, and personalized sales enablement tools, thereby increasing their productivity and company profits.

If you’re using a #SalesEnablement methodology system and approach but haven’t actually addressed the fundamental component of engagement, consider reaching out to Bill Reed by visiting his website,, or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that utilize virtually obsolete #SalesEnablement and sales training programs, including the challenger sale, and don’t know how to solve the problem should look at the work of Bill Reed. @WCraigReed
  • If you want to bring in #SalesEnablement tools for your company, do you know which tools to bring? Does it encourage engagement with your salespeople? You should know which tool engages them in order for it to work. @WCraigReed
  • Knowing what #SalesEnablement tool would work best for your company is not enough. You should also consider what encourages engagement with your salespeople for it to work effectively. That’s cutting-edge neuroscience. @WCraigReed
  • Problems with obsolete #SalesEnablement and sales training programs can be dealt with by cutting-edge neuroscience. Consider working with an expert who knows about neuroscience and can help you deal with these problems. @WCraigReed
  • Many #MarketingTools are obsolete now. They may have great things but don’t take into account the latest neuroscience account-based marketing or most importantly, storytelling. That changes the game and has done so for the past decade. @WCraigReed

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