Thought Leader Life 284: Guest David Meerman Scott

Grow your business by turning customers into fans. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert David Meerman Scott, a leading business growth speaker for companies and worldwide conferences.

Through keynote speaking and presentations, David teaches CEOs, entrepreneurs, and companies the best way to communicate directly with their marketplace.

If you’re a company or an individual who wants to find people who love what you do and turn them into fans of your business, reach out to David Meerman Scott at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Businesses that want to turn their customers into passionate fans should check the work being done by David Meerman Scott at #Fanocracy
  • The pendulum has swung too far into superficial online communications when customers are hungry for genuine connections. Businesses need to get back to a #TrueHumanConnection to grow fans.
  • #Fanocracy is creating fans for your business. It means tapping into your customers’ common passion and creating a tribe for all of them. @DMScott
  • Hagerty Auto Insurance goes to over 100 classic car events a year to turn car enthusiasts into customers and then turn these customers into fans. Now they are the biggest classic car insurer in the world. #Fanocracy
  • #Fanocracy creates an environment for your customers where they can turn to anyone and talk to them as if they’re connected, because they’re part of the same tribe.

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