Thought Leader Life 285: Guest Brian Schulman

Connect with your audience and grow your business with your unique brand that speaks from the heart.This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Brian Schulman (, Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe™ which is a professional training and coaching community on LinkedIn. Brian is also a Forbes Featured Entrepreneur, a speaker, 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice, and was named a 2019 LinkedIn Video Creator of the Year.

Forbes calls Brian the “King of Community in LinkedIn” because he essentially brings everyone together. He is a go-getter who naturally makes great things happen.He is very passionate in bringing people and businesses together while using his fantastic energy and leadership from the heart.

If you need tips on how to maximize the impact of your messaging across platforms and media, visit Brian’s website Schedule a free consultation with him at and go to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • C-suite executives who want to find their voice and attract their tribe should reach out to Brian Schulman. #Connect
  • Over 21 years of digital marketing experience helping Fortune brands and business leaders gives me the perceived credibility to teach you how to engage and #Connect with your audience to build a community and grow your business.
  • It’s the human side of you that most people don’t see. My role is to help you be more relatable to your employees, customers and partners so that people will be drawn to you and you will have more business. #Connect
  • C-suite executives don’t always recognize that they have to be human. I can teach you how to tell a story witha video so that people will fall in love with YOU — the man (or woman) behind the business. #Connect
  • In today’s ever-changing business climate, you need to be aware of the latest technologies and business practices. I can teach you how to utilize LinkedIn to reach your audience and build online and offline relationships. #Connect

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