Thought Leader Life 286: Guest Shayna Pellino

Decrease lead time by providing quality customization services and meeting business needs with favorable results. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Shayna Pellino (, a New York native, Hero Club member and owner and CEO of Shayna Rose Interiors which turns design dreams into reality with the business principle that “everyone wins.”

Shayna guarantees that customers will have convenience and superb customer service with her energy, inspiration and commitment to helping clients achieve their dream project designs on time and in budget.

To learn more about Shayna Pellino, go to For more details about customization and the B2B trade in the interior design industry, with competitive prices and quick-ship deliverability, visit her website

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs in the B2B trade, whose reputations are based on the deliverability of custom products that are on time and in budget, should reach out to Shayna Pellino. #ShortLeadTimeHighQuality
  • Stocking a lot of materials combats deliverability issues. I can help solve your problems by minimizing the wait time from the supply chain down to wholesalers and customers so you can expect quality customer service. #ShortLeadTimeHighQuality
  • We provide solutions to clients as we work behind the scenes for the services that are required. My perceived credibility with our esteemed trade partners can help you with any of your project management concerns. #ShortLeadTimeHighQuality
  • A deadline is a deadline. We promise and always hit and execute on a deadline. I can provide solutions for you, even if we encounter unexpected problems, to make sure we hit the lead time without compromising the quality of products and services.
  • My sales background and business acumen from working in the Hamptons and New York City gives me the perceived credibility to guide you in making decisions in pricing and customizations to meet your specific B2B trade needs.

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