Thought Leader Life 288: Guest Whitney Gordon-Mead

Renew your life with constant and conscious self-care to get out of the burnout cycle. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Whitney Gordon-Mead, MSc (, the CEO of Intuit Wisdom LLC, which is an empowerment coaching and spiritual counseling company; an international speaker; a certified life coach; and an ordained minister with three decades of experience researching personal growth and how we heal from within.

She has coached professional women, entrepreneurs, and business executives all over the world. Whitney has been published on Thrive Global, an Arianna Huffington site, and, a Mike Dooley site. She writes a weekly blog and passionate about prioritizing self-love and self-care to create and live a balanced, healthy, and joyous life.

If you have a ton on your plate or are stressed out and need to get out of the burnout cycle, consider reaching out to Whitney Gordon-Mead. Visit her website,, or go to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Overworked and overwhelmed women in the burnout cycle who want to get more in touch with themselves and learn how to listen to their bodies should reach out to Whitney Gordon-Mead. #RenewYourLife
  • I can teach you how to listen to your body and engage in body, mind, and spirit practices to strengthen your foundation. This can help you heal yourself so you can move forward and #RenewYourLife. @whitney_mead
  • My role is to teach you how to love, value, and appreciate yourself just as much as you do your business, clients, family, and colleagues. How much care are you consciously giving yourself? #RenewYourLife
  • Many people, especially women, are easily overwhelmed and overworked. They don’t give love to themselves the same way they give to others. Are you struggling in this area of your life? #RenewYourLife @whitney_mead
  • Are you someone who tends to overdo things in your life? I can guide you on how not to listen to that nagging need to prove yourself, which leads to burnout. #RenewYourLife @whitney_mead

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