Thought Leader Life 293: Guest Michael Roub

Find greater business opportunities through liquidity events. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Michael Roub (, founder and managing partner at Inflection 360. He is a seasoned strategic consultant for healthcare practices, orgs, and companies.

Michael guides his clients through the most critical points of their business life cycle, particularly when looking for potential liquidity events to exit or get funding for their business. He specializes in helping his clients successfully outcompete in their markets, grow, and exit at significant valuations.

If you have a healthcare practice or company and are looking to do a #Liquidity event but need the help of an expert at an affordable rate, consider reaching out to Michael Roub by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Healthcare practices and services looking for #Liquidity events should turn to Michael Roub to get the right advice they need. @Michael_Roub_
  • Understanding what a company’s strategic needs are and helping tell their story are key parts in building up financials and projections, as well as how you present them to potential investors. #Liquidity @Michael_Roub_
  • To help companies get to the next level, you must guide them on the path, from start to finish, to raising capital and looking at acquisitions. #Liquidity @Michael_Roub_
  • My years of experience working with big firms as an investment banker has helped me build relationships and leverage my resources to help bring successful results to clients. #Liquidity @Michael_Roub_
  • Bigger investment banks certainly cater well to large healthcare orgs, but certain smaller healthcare practices may also able to get private equity investment. However, using an investment bank for these smaller practices isn’t feasible.  That’s where my expertise comes into play.  #Liquidity @Michael_Roub_

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