Thought Leader Life 296: Guest Jeff Munn

Complement your work life and your personal life with a mission of doing more and not just enough. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Jeff Munn (, founder and CEO of Jeff Munn, LLC and a certified professional Presence-Based Coach who is passionate about creating extraordinary futures and maximizing endless possibilities for business executives and entrepreneurs and their respective teams.

Jeff spent 25 years in the corporate world as a lawyer, executive and consultant, so, he is well-versed in how CEOs and professionals can expand and rework their businesses in order to create new roles with a collaborative team that supports their greater meaning and purpose.

If you feel that your value is based only on what you do and what you produce in the world, and you desire to do well at work and still have a personal life, consider reaching out to Jeff Munn by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • C-suite executives who are stuck between making an impact and having a life should reach out to Jeff Munn. #MoreThanEnough
  • Sometimes people who are part of the team, whether you are the leader or not, don’t recognize the big issue between making an impact and having a personal life that counts. Are you struggling with this conflict? #MoreThanEnough
  • Businesses have a mission to make an impact on the world. My role is to guide you in carrying out your personal sense of responsibility to make the world a better place while having a sense of comfort and joy. #MoreThanEnough
  • Society often dictates that you have to be working 24/7 with no time to relax in order to accomplish your work. I can help you to have more ease in your work life, and to be more effective in what you do and that means having a greater impact. #MoreThanEnough
  • My 25 years of corporate life managing people with different roles in organizations gives me the perceived credibility to teach you how to achieve that and to believe you are #MoreThanEnough.

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