Thought Leader Life 304: Guest David Grebow

Learn how to manage people in this mind-intensive knowledge economy. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert David Grebow, an author, speaker, workshop leader, and CEO of the Knowledge Star.

David has been in the tech industry for over five decades, helping companies learn a new management style that drives success in the mind-intensive world of work.

If your company does not have the needed energy in its workforce and you can’t figure out how to transition into a mind mentality, reach out to David Grebow by sending him an email at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Managers who have experienced change and are feeling lost and overwhelmed should look at the work being done by David Grebow at #TechImpactOnWork
  • I studied Bureau of Labor statistics from around the world. There was a massive shift from labor-intensive work to what I call mind-intensive work. #TechImpactOnWork
  • What I try to do for companies is to explain to them what’s changed since the 1980s. People work with their minds these days and not with their hands. #TechImpactOnWork
  • There are companies that focus on managing hands, and there are new companies around the world that focus on managing minds. What does your company manage? #TechImpactOnWork
  • The frustration of managers comes about because their companies are locked into an old industrial model of management that was developed to manage people who work with their hands. #TechImpactOnWork

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