Thought Leader Life 308: Guest Dr. Bonnie Clipper

Build a culture of healthcare innovations in organizations. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dr. Bonnie Clipper (, founder and managing director of innovation advantage. She is also an influential thought leader, nurse advocate, international speaker, and best-selling author.

Dr. Bonnie conducts strategic coaching for leaders and organizations. She is passionate about providing thought leadership, strategic direction, coaching, and education to clients wishing to change their culture to become more innovative.

If you have a company or healthcare company that needs better customer service and a #HealthcareInnovation, consider reaching out to Dr. Bonnie Clipper by sending her a direct message on LinkedIn at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Healthcare organizations that want to transform health through innovations should look at the work being done by Dr. Bonnie Clipper. #HealthcareInnovations @ThoughtLeaderRN
  • When organizations are interested in building a culture of innovation to generate new ideas, I help them put those building blocks in place to actually change the culture. #HealthcareInnovations @ThoughtLeaderRN
  • Building a culture of innovation leads to the generation of new ideas, change of value propositions, improved work and outcome, and increased engagement of the organization’s staff. #HealthcareInnovations @ThoughtLeaderRN
  • In healthcare, especially in nursing, nurses don’t realize that they’re innovators. They’re familiar with MacGyvering something but don’t really know the word “Innovators.” #HealthcareInnovations @ThoughtLeaderRN
  • Teaching teams in orgs through a collaborative functional event brings people together across functional teams. #HealthcareInnovations @ThoughtLeaderRN

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