Thought Leader Life 311: Guest Tim Steele

Drive revenue to your business through an effective go-to market strategy. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Tim Steele (, Chief Strategy Officer and Fractional CMO at The Cort Group.

Tim conducts marketing consulting for mid-sized companies that struggle to sustain top-line growth. He helps his clients capture the voice of their customers to build a successful go-to market strategy to drive revenue to their business.

If you own a mid-sized company and are only selling the “how” and not the “what” and the “why,” consider reaching out to Tim Steele to help you with your #MarketStrategy. Visit his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Mid-market companies that have the same issues driving top-line revenues as larger companies but don’t have the necessary resources to address such issues should look at the work being done by Tim Steele. #MarketStrategy @TimothySteele1
  • A complex sale is when the prospects have difficulty articulating exactly what they’re trying to solve and the desired solution. You must know what the problem is to get the right solution. #MarketStrategy @TimothySteele1
  • Mid-market companies often talk more about how they do something and not about the outcomes. They entirely miss the “why” and “what” of their existence. They go directly to the “how.” #MarketStrategy @TimothySteele1
  • The magic to solving #Communication or messaging problems is the ability to capture the voice of the customer and interpret what that means in terms of developing your value prop and your value messaging. #MarketStrategy @TimothySteele1
  • Solving #Communication or messaging problems is less about sales execution or marketing tactics. It’s actually steeped in the voice of the customer. #MarketStrategy @TimothySteele1

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