Thought Leader Life 312: Guest Jessica Matthews

Smart and comprehensive planning, asset allocation, retirement, and wealth management. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jessica Matthews (®-cdfa®-1aaa324a), a certified financial planner, Independent Registered Investment Advisor, and certified divorce financial analyst with a brokerage license.

Jessica’s specialties are in wealth management, financial planning, investment advisory services, portfolio construction, and asset allocation.

To learn more about Jessica Matthews’ objective investment advice and financial guidance, visit For more information on financial planning and her investment strategies, go to®-cdfa®-1aaa324a.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • High net worth individuals and families who are in a financial crisis of some kind, looking for a solution, should reach out to Jessica Matthews. #SmartPlanning®-cdfa®-1aaa324a
  • Being a CFRP, IRI advisor, and a CDFA (and having gone through divorce myself) gives me the credibility to analyze your financial situation and help you be successful going forward. #SmartPlanning®-cdfa®-1aaa324a
  • Everyone should be ready for any possible financial crisis: a stock market crash problem, divorce, or retirement issues. My role is to guide you with the comprehensive type of financial planning process that meets your needs. #SmartPlanning
  • If you’re focusing on an investment piece and the wealth management of the portfolio, I can spend time with you in coming up with a solution so you can retire when you want and live the lifestyle you’re looking for. #SmartPlanning
  • Do you have family members who suddenly have health issues, derailing your retirement plan? I can be your partner in finding solutions and fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest to evaluate and not limit the scope of our relationship.

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