Thought Leader Life 321: Guest Niel Gordon


Achieving more engagementswith content development.This episode features #ThoughtLeader and Expert, Neil Gordon (, a communication expert and content strategist.

Neil provides content development services to thought leaders for the development and refinement of their keynote speeches and other presentations. He is focused on helping his clients to identify their purpose, distill their message, persuade their audience and achieve tangible results.

If you are a thought leader and you’re not being heard by your audience and you need help with #ContentDevelopment, you should consider reaching out to Neil Gordon by visiting his website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Thought leaders who are struggling to attract others to their messages should look at the work being done by Neil Gordon. #Communication #ContentDevelopment @NeilCanHelp
  • When thought leaders come to me, they are wonderful and marvelously informed experts in their fields. But, when it comes to putting together a keynote speech, book or seminar, what they often do overwhelms the audience. #ContentDevelopment @NeilCanHelp
  • Packing your content with so much stuff, well-meaning and valuable though it might be, will totally overwhelm the audience thus leading only to polite applause (or crickets). #ContentDevelopment @NeilCanHelp
  • I help thought leaders to completely transform their content and become so electrifying and so persuasive that people are falling all over themselves to connect and work with them. #ContentDevelopment @NeilCanHelp
  • People are not empowered by information, knowledge, or what they know is true but, rather, that which they believe is possible. #ContentDevelopment @NeilCanHelp

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