Thought Leader Life 322: Guest Rebecca Hulse


Finding your true path with change management.This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Rebecca Hulse (, regional coordinator for the Asia/Pacific Region at Access Consciousness and creative producer at Joy of Business. She is also an Access Consciousness certified facilitator and a speaker, consultant, business coach and bestselling author.

Rebecca conducts business coaching for people who are struggling in their jobs and careers. She likes to shake up the limiting paradigms and realities of her clients. She aims to create a world where everyone is actually able to enjoy their work and daily life with change management programs.

If you’re unsure whether you like your life and job, you need someone to talk to and show you a different path with #ChangeManagement.Consider reaching out to Rebecca Hulse by visiting her website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • People who are not having as much fun as they’re really supposed to be having in their jobs and careers should look at the work being done by Rebecca Hulse. #ChangeManagement @Rebecca_Hulse
  • It’s not the norm to enjoy your work. That’s not the normal culture. This can be the truth and reality for a lot of people. #ChangeManagement @Rebecca_Hulse
  • What we’re looking to create with Joy of Business is a world where everyone is actually able to enjoy their work and daily life. #ChangeManagement @Rebecca_Hulse
  • We ask pragmatic questions and start to decompose the reality of what you think you should be. We allow you to see what it is that you truly desire to do in your career. #ChangeManagement @Rebecca_Hulse
  • There are many self-help books about finding a way to go about things but the reality is that there is no one path for everyone. Each person has their own path. #ChangeManagement @Rebecca_Hulse

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