Thought Leader Life 326: Guest Randy Kirk


Deal with marketing challenges in your organization. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Randy Kirk (, president of SoCal MasterMinds. He is also a marketing consultant and author.

Randy conducts marketing consulting services for small businesses. He provides them with a full range of tools, strategies, and services to help them deal with the marketing challenges in their organization to increase their sales and profits. Randy is passionate about helping business owners and executives succeed in business.

If you don’t like to even spell the word #Marketing and are looking for somebody who can help you or just do it for you, consider reaching out to Randy Kirk by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that have under 10 employees and hate the word #Marketing should look at the work being done by Randy Kirk. @SoCalMasterMind
  • I do one-on-one consulting for companies to help them with every aspect of their #Marketing, from traditional marketing to the new marketing strategies and tools that everybody is using today. @SoCalMasterMind
  • I help companies with every aspect of their #Marketing, including execution, content creation, and the development of the approach and direction that they should take. @SoCalMasterMind
  • We found that in a mastermind setting, people will focus more clearly on the changes that need to be made and make them more readily. #Marketing @SoCalMasterMind
  • Because of #GroupAccountability, usually within 30 days, people make significant changes. #Marketing @SoCalMasterMind

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