Thought Leader Life 331: Guest Jason Safford


Grow your business by finding your focus and creating a positive impact. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Jason Safford (, chief wealth architect at Green Mind Initiative and podcast host at “Green Your Mind.” He is also a speaker who is recognized nationally and a thought leader, consultant, coach and author.

Jason conducts coaching for executives and entrepreneurs about how to effectively and efficiently grow their businesses. He helps bring results for his clients so that they can accelerate growth and positively impact bottom-line results.

If you want to #GrowYourBusiness and you’ve got too many different directions to go in, and you need more #Focus, you should reach out to Jason Safford by visiting his website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Executives and entrepreneurs who are spending sleepless nights and are frustrated about how to grow their businesses should look at Jason Safford’s work. #Focus #GrowYourBusiness @JasonSaffordLLC
  • Executives and entrepreneurs have a lot of things going on in their businesses. Being able to focus on one thing and getting it done is a huge problem for them. #Focus #GrowYourBusiness @JasonSaffordLLC
  • Executives and entrepreneurs are often caught up in too many potential projects in their businesses. Are all the businesses winning that you’re trying to manage? #Focus #GrowYourBusiness @JasonSaffordLLC
  • I help to weed out the distractions and #Focus on what the real core value of your business is, while getting back to why that’s important and looking at your impact on your customers and the community. #PositiveImpact @JasonSaffordLLC
  • Creating a #PositiveImpact will make your customers want to buy not just your product and service. You and your impact on the community is what your brand is about. #GrowYourBusiness @JasonSaffordLLC

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