Thought Leader Life 356: Guest Manny Wolfe



Monetize your success by sharing your empowering message from the stage. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Manny Wolfe (, founder and owner of The Personal Brand Incubator (Opus Speakers LLC), founder and CEO of 1000 Speakers Academy and Leadership Consultant at Emmanuel Wolfe Coaching for thirteen years.

Manny supports visionary leaders who want to speak but don’t have the time to deal with all the details. He’s passionate about bringing more clients and more money to his connections and the people he mentors.  With the right interaction, training and audience, he sets them up for stage and speaking engagements that have real actual value.

If you’re a coach or an author who doesn’t want to learn sales but wants to monetize the impact of your services, consider reaching out to Manny Wolfe by visiting his Facebook page and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Coaches and authors who are visionary, successful and busy and who want to speak from a stage but just have no idea where to start should reach out to Manny Wolfe.
  • I can find and apply to speaking opportunities on your behalf to help you with your social media #PersonalBranding. Do you know the audience you’re exactly interacting with? @manny_wolfe
  • My role is to help you get national media and local attention so that you can raise your credibility and move into the expert position status in your area of expertise. #PersonalBranding
  • Are you too caught up with funnels and ads and whether or not your social media is optimized? I can coach you on how to realize the benefits of speaking from a stage and actually in front of people who are a good fit for your message and energy. #PersonalBranding @manny_wolfe
  • I can teach you how “the power of a free gig” can open doors of opportunity for you so that you get invited to speak and you can catch your ideal client base. With the strategies and coaching I share, you can be an expert who others will want to reach out to. #PersonalBranding @manny_wolfe

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