Thought Leader Life 380: Guest Sandra Costéja Bos



Overcome the people dimension challenges in complex transformation programs. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Sandra Costéja Bos (, an independent consultant specializing in Digital & People Transformation. She helps business leaders leading complex transformation programs who recognize their challenges with the people dimension of massive change.

Sandra has over 20 years of international experience in hospitality and professional services. She has been at the forefront of leading the change activities impacting over 300,000 people. She is leading change for large SAP SuccessFactors and Fieldglass module deployments to build digital capabilities in HR and empower the workforce so that it is prepared for the future.

If you are an HR or business leader who has transformation programs with big people challenges, consider reaching out to Sandra Costéja Bos by going to:

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • HR and business leaders who have transformation programs with big people issues should reach out to Sandra Costéja Bos and start to bring everyone
  • Businesses that recognize they have people problems come to me. Typically, I ask the difficult questions in order to spot the gaps. That’s how I bring things together.
  • I have to be the one who takes the holistic view and make sure we have a solution that we can explain to people. I break down the change and bring it back together.
  • I’ve got an HR background. I’ve been an HR manager for many years and I’ve been a consultant for organizations both internally and externally. I’ve got the degree and experience to support leaders in their people transformation.
  • I’m fortunate to be a part of the largest SAP deployment in the world which impacts about 300,000 people. I’ve had different roles in that program which gives me credibility.

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