Thought Leader Life 382: Guest Josh Allan Dykstra



Revolutionize your company culture with an energy-based operating system to help people love their work. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Josh Allan Dykstra (, a recognized thought leader on the future of work and company culture and an author, TEDx speaker and CEO of Helios – a community of leaders and work revolutionaries who are committed to creating a world where everyone can love their work.

Josh Allan’s expertise is in positive psychology, organization design, talent management, change management, employee engagement, learning and development and multiple assessments. He is a passionate holistic systems thinker who helps build healthy organizations with sustainable change efforts by looking at emerging technologies, cultural and social trends and value-centric organization design.

If you need someone to help with big-picture strategy, workplace trends and a clear vision of how to create a much better future for everyone, consider reaching out to Josh Allan Dykstra by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations struggling with burnout should reach out to Josh Allan Dykstra.
  • Do you want to help your employees experience love in their work? My role is not just to neutralize their burnout or cure them out of it by going back to zero. It is to actually energize them to be happy at work. #LoveWork @joshallan
  • I can help to create a culture for your company by guiding you to increase the well-being of your people. People who are more focused and more positive are more efficient and more productive. #LoveWork
  • The stories and case studies of clients and iconic brands that I have worked with gives me the credibility to save you retention costs and to produce manifold returns on the investment of what you pay me. #LoveWork @joshallan
  • Peak performance at work is closely related to states of flow and energy alignment. I can mentor you for what you need to accomplish in order to draw that kind of performance from your people and not force them to perform. #LoveWork @joshallan

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