Thought Leader Life 383: Guest Adrienne Barker



Create a winning advertising campaign in order to effectively use promotional products that are beneficial to your firm. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Adrienne Barker (, senior brand marketing manager at HALO Branded Solutions which is the second largest promotional product supplier in the US.  She is lifetime-certified with a Masters of Advertising Specialties, a PPAI fellow (Promotional Products Association Industry) and a SCORE-certified mentor and director of marketing.

Adrienne Barker has a complete understanding of the promotional product industry, supply chain management, compliance and safety issues and corporate social responsibilities. She is engaged in the business and nonprofit community and, with her quirky personality, she gets a real sense of satisfaction by working on events and assisting volunteers. She is passionate about serving on boards and enjoys meeting and learning with her team.

To learn more about Adrienne Barker and experience her magic in the promotional products industry, call 386-631-4577 and visit her websites and

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies who are struggling with the effective use of promotional products should reach out to Adrienne Barker.
  • My role is to guide you in ensuring that you are providing products to your customers that are effective, safe and compliant with all the certification and FDA requirements taken care of. #ProductsMatter 386-631-4577
  • I can help you figure out what is the appropriate product at the right price point, at the right safety levels and with the right risk assessment associated with it. #ProductsMatter
  • Are you facing challenges on tariffs and looking for a wide range of promotional products to reach your market? With my expertise, I can teach you that it’s not always an “apples to apples” comparison in this industry. #ProductsMatter 386-631-4577
  • I’ve worked with a variety of clients for about 35 years and have mentored many entrepreneurs. That gives me the credibility to coach you about how to constantly learn marketing trends for the effective use of promotional products. #ProductsMatter 386-631-4577

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