Thought Leader Life 401: Guest Allan Fine



Grow your business and its revenue by expanding your network and connections as a LinkedIn expert. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Allan Fine (, also known as the “LinkedIn Wizard.” He’s been a LinkedIn trainer since 2009 and he launched his own company and website that helps to bring hot leads regularly to his B2B clients. He assists individuals and companies in generating targeted and unlimited leads from LinkedIn.

Allan is a lead generation expert in empowering every business owner to understand and take advantage of what internet marketing and social media has to offer. His specialties are in search engine optimization, lead conversion management, marketing programs, database development, web analytics, Google AdWords and mobile marketing solutions among others.

If you’re not fully taking advantage of LinkedIn as a tool just yet to actually have more leads coming in the door, consider reaching out to Allan Fine by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies and individuals who need to generate a lot more leads and do that with LinkedIn should reach out to Allan Fine.
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B database. My role is to guide you on how to use that platform for lead generation and for marketing your business. #LinkedInLevelUp @allanfine
  • The system I developed can aid you in sourcing potential clients and can allow you to do what you do best by presenting your solution and closing by using ongoing meetings with your target market. #LinkedInLevelUp @allanfine
  • Many startups and established businesses don’t use LinkedIn properly or they don’t use it at all. I can teach you how to correct that as you take advantages of opportunities for people to get to know you through that platform. @allanfine
  • My role is to do the prospecting for you with a proven system I have created which is like a lead generation machine. I can make the process easy for you to get positive results. #LinkedInLevelUp

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