Thought Leader Life 403: Guest Danny Hadas



Drive profitability by creating a winning employee experience. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Danny Hadas (, who is a bestselling author, employee experience innovator and advisor to the world’s most iconic brands. His work has impacted millions of people across more than 500 companies worldwide including Disney, BMW and AT&T.

Danny is the founder of The Emovation Project. He shares the innovative power of intentionally crafting experiences in the context of emotions. Danny leads master classes all around the country empowering people to innovate with emotions and transform their workplace culture. He teaches how to create a winning employee experience.

If profitability is a challenge in your business and you recognize that people are the key to unlocking your profits, you should consider reaching out to Danny Hadas by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Businesses that are trying to be #Profitable and are not being successful should reach out to Danny Hadas. @DannyHadas
  • In any business, the only thing that drives profits is its people. Sometimes this is forgotten. I can help you to understand how the total performance of your employees determines #Profitability. @DannyHadas
  • Businesses may recognize that people create their bottom line. They just don’t know how to bring about an experience that enables people to deliver their best performance. #Profitability @DannyHadas
  • The experience employees have in the workplace and how they feel about their colleagues, managers, customers and the work itself is directly connected to their performance. That experience is the key to #Profitability. @DannyHadas
  • I’ve worked with the world’s most recognized brands since 2008. Before I turned 30, I led a 13 million dollar transformation project successfully. That gives me the perceived credibility to help your people drive #Profitability.

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