Thought Leader Life 404: Guest Dolores Hirschmann



Clarify your message so that you can attract potential clients. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Dolores Hirschmann (, who is the founder and Chief Clarity Officer at Masters in Clarity. She is also a communications and business strategist, TEDx organizer, speaker and author.

Dolores works with service entrepreneurs who are struggling to articulate their messages and to communicate in a clear and succinct manner. She helps her clients clarify their messages in order to attract potential clients and help to address their needs or problems.

If you’re a service provider and you can’t fully articulate what you do or you’re struggling to #ClarifyYourMessage, you should consider reaching out to Dolores Hirschmann by visiting her website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Service entrepreneurs who consistently struggle with their messages should reach out to Dolores Hirschmann. #ClarifyYourMessage @DglarH
  • As your potential client, the truth is all I care about and whether you can solve my problem – not how you do it. That’s all I want to know and that’s what most people can’t do. #ClarifyYourMessage @DglarH
  • We, as human beings, walk around with antennas. Those antennas are tuned to the problems we need to solve. What problems can you solve that will match those antennas? #ClarifyYourMessage @DglarH
  • You need to communicate what you bring to the table in the language of those antennas and how they’re tuned so that you can get a match and be able to help someone. #ClarifyYourMessage @DglarH
  • Believing in ideas that can impact the world and wanting to support ideapreneurs, I became a TEDx organizer helping speakers who are struggling with communicating in a way that it is succinct, clear and sticky. @DglarH

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