Thought Leader Life 405: Guest Carolina Billings



Gain financial and emotional independence with timely empowerment strategies. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Carolina Billings, who is the founder of Powerful Women Today.

Carolina helps women with business and personal branding, strategic change and wealth creation to promote growth and to accelerate the achievement of goals.

If you or somebody you know need to be more powerful in terms of how you unleash yourself to the world, then it’s absolutely worthwhile and makes sense to talk to Carolina Billings at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Women with the inability to self-promote should see the work being done by Carolina Billings at #EmpoweringWomen
  • It’s not just inability. Sometimes, it’s reluctance. Women have the goods. It’s just knowing and feeling comfortable about how to convey their value propositions to their audiences. #EmpoweringWomen
  • Men have an innate ability to say, “Sure, I’ll do it,” and then they figure out how to do it later while women must feel 100 percent competent or qualified to do something before they put their best foot forward. #EmpoweringWomen
  • I coach executives and business owners and tell them that if they are not comfortable saying, “I am an expert” on their social media profiles, what are they doing? You have to believe you are the best. #EmpoweringWomen
  • Powerful Women Today is a global mandate that reaches out to women all over the world. We normally have a positive impact on about a million women a year. #EmpoweringWomen

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