Thought Leader Life 406: Guest Holly Duckworth



Navigate rapid change in the business environment with mindfulness. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Holly Duckworth (, who is the CEO of Leadership Solutions International.

Holly is the founder of the C-Suite Network Mindful Leadership Council which is the premiere community for mindfulness and leadership connections. She is also a producer and host of the Everyday Mindfulness Show and has provided training programs on applied mindful leadership around the world.

If you are a CEO who is trying to navigate the rapid pace of change in the business environment, you should consider reaching out to Holly Duckworth by visiting her website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • CEOs navigating the rapid pace of change in business culture should reach out to Holly Duckworth. #Mindfulness @HDuckworth
  • As we transition from the industrial age to the social age, there are rapid changes. Many companies are going to disappear and those that need to stay have to navigate the changes. #Mindfulness @HDuckworth
  • My expertise is in the area of #Mindfulness. Mindfulness is ancient wisdom that’s now being applied to the business environment because there are so many changes that are happening. @HDuckworth
  • The volatility of today’s business world can bring about fear and uncertainty for a CEO. Those feelings then trickle down throughout a business culture. I help CEOs to bring about positive change through #Mindfulness. @HDuckworth
  • I work with CEOs so that they understand the power and sense of #Mindfulness. That is a centered place where they can go to create powerful and profitable business cultures.

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