Thought Leader Life 412: Guest Shenan Reed



Deal with digital media challenges by looking at the customer’s point of view. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Shenan Reed (, an ad exact digital entrepreneur, sought-after thought leader, and public speaker.

Shenan has years of working with many companies, introducing them to digital media. She helps brand marketers and executives navigate the world of online advertising while overcoming the challenges brought about by digital transformation.

If you’re sitting in a firm and are wonder, “What’s happening with our #DigitalMedia strategy?”, reach out to Shenan Reed by visiting her on LinkedIn at or on Twitter at @Shenan.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Brand marketers and brand executives who are struggling with the ever-changing world of media, especially #DigitalMedia and data, should reach out to Shenan Reed. #DigitalTransformation @Shenan
  • Are you struggling with the changes in social media, how to bring data together, or how to tell better stories for your customers? I can help you understand and find a solution to your problem. #DigitalTransformation @Shenan
  • There are so many questions, and the challenge many marketers face is that there are so many possible answers. I can help you untangle those and make sure you choose the right one that’s best for you and your customer. @Shenan
  • Do you want to find the right answer for the #DigitalMedia challenges that you are facing? Do you know where to start? You should start with the customer’s point of view. #DigitalTransformation @Shenan
  • Understanding the problems and what it does for the consumer and your business will help you make an informed decision of what it will mean to you, as well as see what you’re giving up and what you’ll potentially gain in the process. @Shenan

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