Thought Leader Life 416: Guest Justin Lokitz



Design better businesses by harnessing opportunities from uncertainty. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Justin Lokitz (, the strategy designer and managing director at Business Models, Inc. He’s also an author, startup advisor, professional speaker, and strategy guru.

Justin has a dynamic career as a design strategist, product manager, sales engineer, business consultant, and leader for national and multinational companies. Throughout his career, he has developed and delivered a multitude of successful business models, products, presentations, and strategies for a wide range of focus areas and customers.

If you are in a giant multinational company and know it needs to change, reach out to Justin Lokitz by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Giant multinationals that need to change or die should reach out to Justin Lokitz. #HarnessingOpportunity @JustinLokitz
  • The world is making a massive transformation in the way it does business. The future could be 5 times more transformational. Giant multinationals need to be equipped for that change or die. #HarnessingOpportunity @JustinLokitz
  • Giant multinationals will greatly benefit from business model innovation. I can help your company #HarnessOpportunities by designing and testing better business options for the future. @JustinLokitz
  • As life changes and employees get more entrepreneurial and excited about doing things they love, there are more opportunities for smaller startups inside a company. I can help your company #HarnessTheseOpportunities.
  • I’ve worked with over 150 giant multinationals across many different sectors. This gives me the credibility to help giant multinationals change their strategy and #HarnessOpportunities from uncertainty.

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