Thought Leader Life 418: Guest Adam Gordon



Reach your clients’ hearts through authentic storytelling. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Adam Gordon (, the Storyteller in Chief at Industrial Poetry. He is also a writer, strategist, and marketer.

Adam specializes in cybersecurity, cannabis, and technology. His approach is applied design thinking: Create the context and own the narrative. He helps clients develop effective narratives to sustainably grow their companies faster, providing enormous value over the life of the company.

If your company does not communicate in a way that reaches your clients’ hearts, reach out to Adam Gordon by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that don’t communicate in a way that reaches their clients’ hearts should reach out to Adam Gordon. #Storytelling @AdamGordon
  • Most companies have a great story but many don’t tell it very well. I help you tell your company’s authentic story so it will be noticed and leave a mark on your clients’ hearts. #Storytelling @AdamGordon
  • When you tell your story straight from the heart, what happens is that you authentically evoke your market’s emotions. This elicits curiosity, which then makes your clients interested in what you have to say. #Storytelling @AdamGordon
  • It’s proven over time that touching people’s hearts through #Storytelling is a great way to generate business and goodwill. It helps companies grow bigger, faster, across the entire lifecycle of the company. @AdamGordon
  • Your company has a story that is waiting to be unveiled. I will help uncover your company’s story so it gets imprinted on your clients’ hearts and they will remain with you for the longterm. #Storytelling

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