Thought Leader Life 424: Guest Mike Skrypnek



Earn money, find more time, and make an impact by building a mountain of credibility. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mike Skrypnek (, the founder and CEO of Grow Get Give Coaching and Thought Council Member and Advisor at The C-Suite Network. He is also a business coach, international speaker, and five time author.

Mike helps mid-career business owners who are struggling to get freedom from their work. He gives business coaching, training, and motivating presentations to his clients to help them figure out how to find more time so they can grow their wealth and make a great impact. He helps them live their passion easily by teaching them the value of building a mountain of credibility so they can attract their market and potential customers.

If you’re a mid-career business owner and are struggling with finding #MoreTime or money or making an #Impact, reach out to Mike Skrypnek by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Mid-career business owners who are struggling to serve should reach out to Mike Skrypnek. #Impact #MoreTime @MSkrypnek
  • There are many business owners who have an #Impact mindset but are struggling to make more money and have #MoreTime. Are you facing the same challenges? I can help you figure out a way to balance these so you can live your passion. @MSkrypnek
  • You can live your passion 7 days a week and make more money. I can help you do that by teaching you how to build a mountain of credibility so your market and ideal customers will work with you and be attracted to you. #Impact @MSkrypnek
  • Are you running out of time to achieve the success you desire? I can help you figure out a way to get #MoreTime not only for your business but also your family. #Impact @MSkrypnek
  • Starting with an impossibly big idea and moving quickly to a point of success gives me the credibility to help mid-career business owners achieve the same thing so they can live their passion and have time freedom. #Impact @MSkrypnek

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