Thought Leader Life 426: Guest Nicky Billou



Sell your expertise to stand out, grow your business, and get unlimited flow of clients. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Nicky Billou (, president and CEO of eCircle Academy, accountability coach at Finish Line Thinking, and host of the “Thought Leader Revolution” podcast. Prominent names who have been guests in the podcast include Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran, Jack Canfield, George Ross, Jen Wilderstrom, Larry Winget, Marie Forleo, and John Maxwell, among many others.

Nicky is passionate about energizing people to be their best selves, as he works with entrepreneurs and professional salespeople, including top real estate agents, financial advisors, and insurance brokers from top organizations who want to be held accountable for producing top results. He specializes in consulting, speaking, writing, masterminding, accountability structures, coaching, fitness, nutrition, motivation, and mindset training. He helps coaches and consultants grow their business.

If you’re stuck or someone you know (author, coach, consultant) is stuck at an income plateau, reach out to Nicky Billou by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

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