Thought Leader Life 427: Guest Iman Aghay



Generate sales and increase skyrocketing revenue by building million-dollar niche online courses. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Iman Aghay (, president of Success Road Academy, the largest information marketing academy in Canada with over 10,000 attendees for the past couple of years.

Iman is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who want to make great connections in the business. Admired for his creativity, work ethics, and ambition, he has established a huge networking group and marketing seminars, where he brings his expertise in the field to his clients to effectively market their business.

If you have an IP and are interested in putting it in an online course without wasting time and technology, reach out to Iman Aghay by visiting his website at or going to and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Experts being overwhelmed with marketing and technology who want to create and sell their online courses should seek the expertise of Iman Aghay.
  • Many experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers want to take their knowledge and put it online and be able to separate their time from money. They should get help to make it possible.
  • Putting up an online course requires constantly dealing with an overwhelming amount of information involving marketing, content, and selling. Having a solid process in place works!
  • I have a two-step process that helps people create and sell their online courses. They go and come back, get feedback from us, and go to the next level within eight weeks and many times, shorter than that.
  • As of now, I’ve taught over 3,000 people how to create and sell their online courses in any niche and market imaginable, and they have successfully created and launched courses that make money online.

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