Thought Leader Life 433: Guest Jennifer Vessels



Grow your business with new and proven ideas so you can compete in today’s competitive world and move forward. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert  Jennifer Vessels (, Founder of Next Step and Chief Innovator at Executive Growth Alliance. She is also a future-ready innovator, consultant, speaker, investor, and author.

Jennifer is a transformation leader and global connector who helps leaders who are struggling to get past a certain level in order to grow their business. She brings with her years of experience in technology leadership, sales, and marketing channels, as well as helping companies grow and transform, enabling them to compete and thrive in today’s competitive world. Jennifer is committed to accelerating leaders’ future-readiness.

If you’re a leader and you know you need to grow, you should consider reaching out to Jennifer Vessels to get new ideas and learn by visiting her website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders who are in a position where they need to grow their business should reach out to Jennifer Vessels. #GrowYourBusiness @JenniferVessels
  • There are two reasons why leaders come directly to me. Either, they’ve gotten their business to a certain level and they just can’t get above it or they need a proven way of transforming in order to keep growing. #GrowYourBusiness @JenniferVessels
  • Have you gotten your business at a certain level and just can’t get above it? I can help you to expand your business, think differently, or transform or shift it in order for your business to continue growing. #GrowYourBusiness @JenniferVessels
  • In today’s environment, more leaders need help, insight, and a proven way of transforming to keep growing. They have to grow in new and different ways due to the changes inside their business or the competitive world around them. @JenniferVessels
  • I help leaders through a proven way where they can increase their revenue, profitability, sustainability in their business, and have a long-term way of giving back to society. #GrowYourBusiness @JenniferVessels

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