Thought Leader Life 434: Guest Jennifer Hough



Know and get on to what is calling you by finding clarity and letting go of the blocks. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jennifer Hough (, President and facilitator at The Wide Awakening. She is also an author and speaker.

Jennifer conducts coaching for individuals and businesses. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people find clarity for them to figure out what’s calling them and how to get on to that using leading-edge technology. In the process, she has also helped them address those blocks, making that calling more attainable for them.

If you figured out that there’s an awakening for you and you’re just kinda stuck, blocked, afraid, or concerned, you should consider reaching out to Jennifer Hough on her websites at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Individuals who feel like there’s more to life, like an urgent call, but feel that they don’t know how to get there should reach out to Jennnifer Hough. #Clarity
  • Do you feel that there’s something calling you but don’t know what it is? We’ve developed proprietary systems that take people through processes and allow them to get #Clarity on what it is that’s calling them.
  • Do you know how to get on to your calling? I can help you get on to what is calling you by helping you see the systems that need to be implemented in order for you to get there. #Clarity
  • What we do is we make it so clear what skillsets are needed in order for that calling to be attainable while making the blocks in your path uninteresting anymore. #Clarity
  • Are there so many things that are blocking you from that calling? Our technology allows you to let go of hundreds of blocks in hours rather than one at a time. #Clarity

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