Thought Leader Life 437: Guest Marianne Roux



Dealing with the complexity and velocity of change and thriving in it using evidence-based work. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Marianne Roux (, the Consulting Director and Professor of Practice at Roux Consulting. Marianne is a new world of work strategist specialising in adaptive leadership, HR, and transformation.

Marianne helps organizations and leaders deal with the complexity and velocity of ongoing transformation and disruption. She educates and equips them with strategies and tools built from evidence-based work so they can come up with solutions that work effectively for them to create sustainable outcomes.

If you’re running an organization and you’re struggling with the complexity and velocity of change, you should consider reaching out to Marianne Roux by visiting her website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations and leaders who are struggling with the complexity and velocity of #Disruption and #OngoingTransformation should reach out to Marianne Roux.
  • Are you overwhelmed by complexity and speed for change and #Disruption? I can help co-create and educate you with interventions and solutions that will help you #Adapt and #Thrive.
  • I help orgs, HR and leaders build their capabilities so they can transform their organization, the way they lead, and how human resources can create exceptional experiences for people. #OngoingTransformation.
  • I bring a unique combination of global consulting, executive, and academic experience to create unique, context-relevant solutions that work.
  • I believe that it’s crucial to use evidence-based practice work and collaborate with global experts to get multiple perspectives on issues solving complex adaptive problems. #OngoingTransformation.

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