Thought Leader Life 439: Guest Patricia Jesperson



Create a culture of inclusivity to build a positive, productive and profitable workforce.  This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Patricia Jesperson (, collaborator, connector, consultant, speaker, author, and Chief Curiosity Officer at EmployeeEXP, which works with organizations to achieve a point where every dollar invested directly on Employee Experience is equal to employee’s perceived value of the investment – where it directly and positively affects an organization’s ability to attract, retain, and engage talent.

Patricia specializes in working with employees to create better employee experience outcomes. She is passionate in looking through Diversity & Inclusion and Total Reward solutions designed to embrace individual employee differences to create inclusive cultures to position organizations to compete in an increasingly diverse market.

To learn more about Patricia Jesperson and her latest learning model on developing inclusive leadership, the Inclusion Matrix, visit her website and go to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations who want to know how to spend the most efficiently in order to find the employees that they need should reach out to Patricia Jesperson.
  • I can help your organization to deliver and implement diversity and inclusion solutions to improve communications and minimize conflict in your team. #InclusiveCulture
  • Do you want to increase innovation and productivity in your team? I can guide your key employees, managers and leaders in making sure you have an #InclusiveCulture in your organization.
  • Organizations need to understand the “why” of looking at diversity, equity and inclusion solutions. In doing so, I can help bring your team together to support a diverse workforce. #InclusiveCulture
  • My role is to teach you proven principles and actionable steps to improve company culture and profitability. #InclusiveCulture

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