Thought Leader Life 444: Guest Adam Lewis Walker



Amplify your message and mission by securing and smashing your TEDx talk. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Adam Lewis Walker (, a TEDx speaker and coach. He is also a bestselling author and host of Awaken Your Alpha podcast.

Adam helps entrepreneurs secure their own TEDx Talk, increasing their influence, income, and impact. He brings years of experience in securing and learning how to smash a Tedx Talk successfully in order to help people amplify their message and mission to a bigger audience. Through interviewing the world’s top experts, he has created little hacks and a 10-step program, the TalkXcelerator program, to increase people’s chances of openly sharing their message in the TEDx stage.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you know that you need to give a TED Talk, you should consider reaching out to Adam Lewis Walker by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs who know they need to do a TEDx Talk should reach out to Adam Lewis Walker. #AmplifyYourMessage @AwakenYourAlpha
  • Have you secured a TEDx Talk yet? I can help you secure and smash a TEDx Talk. Smashing a TEDx Talk is impossible until you’ve secured it. #AmplifyYourMessage @AwakenYourAlpha
  • Has someone ever guaranteed you a TEDx Talk for sale? Just turn away and run. A TEDx Talk is such a strong brand that can never be bought. Being on that stage is a privilege that you have to work on securing. #AmplifyYourMessage @AwakenYourAlpha
  • Are you working for someone who has done a TEDx Talk? Working for someone who has done a TEDx Talk can help you increase your chances of securing and smashing a TEDx Talk. #AmplifyYourMessage @AwakenYourAlpha
  • Having been in the TEDx Talk stage several times, I’ve found myself repeating a lot of key things and that there’s a 10-step process that anyone can follow. That’s gonna massively increase your chances. #AmplifyYourMessage @AwakenYourAlpha

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