Thought Leader Life 460: Guest Keri Jaehnig



Engage, grow and accelerate your content and social media management to amplify and dominate your business reach. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Keri Jaehnig (, speaker, editor-in-chief, online educator, marketing strategist, social media leader, small business mentor, business trainer, and founder and CEO of Idea Girl Media where she spearheads the design and execution of local, national, and international social media marketing campaigns for business brands and public figures, as well as manages contractors and collaborators.

Keri caffeinates ideas to help business brands build and grow their online assets through brand strategy, social media marketing, content creation and customized training. She is an award-winning online marketer who helps brands and public figures develop coveted online assets, experience social media marketing success and nurture positive online reputations.

To learn more about social media strategies and targeted online engagement from Keri Jaehnig, visit her website at and connect with her on LinkedIn at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business owners and public figures that know their social media sucks should reach out to Keri Jaehnig.
  • Only few social media profiles are AWESOME and most business owners need to get the maximum value from #SocialMedia to develop and nurture relationships in their niche. I can help you optimize your online presence and bring results! @kerijaehnig
  • My role is to remove the #SocialMedia overwhelm and online marketing confusion from you so you can achieve social media success through customized marketing campaigns and training. @kerijaehnig
  • My online marketing background and strategic collaboration in connecting people globally gives me credibility to teach you how to experience increased traffic to your website, new lead generation and significant #SocialMedia engagement. @kerijaehnig
  • I can guide you on how to make your online assets work for you, and take your #SocialMedia real estate and make it into something awesome so you can surpass your competition both online and offline. @kerijaehnig

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