Thought Leader Life 461: Guest Nicola Hunt



A platform where passionate thought leaders can pursue their missions. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Nicola Hunt (, who co-founded Management-Issues in 2002, a website for thought leadership advice on management and workplace issues.

Nicola’s focus is on sharing fresh thinking and new approaches for a more creative, happier, and fulfilling work experience in a post-Corona world. She is passionate about bringing thought leaders into a synergy where they can move forward in dealing with current issues and pursuing their missions.

If you are a passionate thought leader who is trying to pursue your mission in a new world, you should consider reaching out to Nicola Hunt by visiting her website and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Passionate thought leaders who are tired and fed up with always getting pushed back when they try to pursue their missions should reach out to Nicola Hunt. #ManagementIssues @NicolaHunt
  • We are living in a new world, which is significantly different from yesterday. Thought leaders are facing a whole new situation. We can help connect them with others facing the same #ManagementIssues. @NicolaHunt
  • Authors, thought leaders, and corporations have that passion to discuss the important things they’re doing. We can help them get debate and discussion going around some of these critical #ManagementIssues. @NicolaHunt
  • Having interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and authors, as well as doing podcasts and more than 5K articles and book reviews, gives me the perceived credibility to help thought leaders pursue their missions. #ManagementIssues
  • I have the ability to know and understand the #ManagementIssues out there. I use that knowledge to bring people together into this debate so that somehow we can continue to move important discussions forward.

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