Thought Leader Life 462: Guest David Polinchock



Increase your profit by utilizing emerging technology, shopper insights, and retail industry experts. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert David Polinchock (, Co-Founder of a New Space for Future of Retail, VR/AR & OOH, Pioneer in Using VR for Advertising, and Co-Founder of Unified Brand Experience Lab.

David is passionate about looking for innovative ways to create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences. He is an early pioneer of Experiential Advertising and the use of VR in advertising and marketing. His track record includes creating the first advertising programs that use VR, and helping generate $10 million + in revenue for AT&T AdWorks by designing and running an innovative and engaging media lab experience.

If you’re in a number of different areas in the retail side merchandising stores, and you want to make sure that you don’t disappear tomorrow, you may want to reach out to David Polinchock by going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Retailers who don’t want to lose their relevance should reach out to David Polinchock.
  • We’re about helping companies sort through the tools, methodologies, and technologies to create relevant experiences for them.
  • I cut my teeth right out of college being a theme park employee at Walt Disney World. The environment taught me experience because Disney is nothing but experience, learning that guests will pay a lot of money happily for something unique.
  • Our broad focus is places that are not online. So we don’t do a lot within the the digital space but CPJ, food and beverage, fashion, consumer electronics, and places that are selling technologies in a physical environment.
  • I spent most of the 90s travelling around the world with VR equipment that needed a van and three big guys. Watching how people interact with technology was compelling. It opened me up to a whole world that I was unaware of until I got it.

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