Thought Leader Life 468: Guest Felicia Slattery



Grow and engage your client base through the art of public speaking and communications transformation. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Felicia Slattery (, award-winning championship speaker, radio host, best-selling author, communication consultant, speech and public speaking expert, and CEO of Felicia Slattery Worldwide Communication. She helps experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and celebrities get amazing results from their speeches.

Felicia has written six (6) best-selling books, one of which is “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking” which hit #1 in Amazon for weeks. She is featured in Success Magazine, Inc. on the BBC, NBC, CBX, FOX, ABC, and CNN and responsible for more than 8,000 presentations she has either delivered, written, coached, helped or been paid to judge making more than $3.6 million spanning multiple decades in her speaking career.

If you want to more effectively communicate your messages onstage, in person or online, or be better at public speaking in any way, consider reaching out to Felicia Slattery by visiting her websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Experts who are tired of one-to-one networking should reach out to Felicia Slattery.
  • If you’re a public figure, I can teach you how to master one-to-many marketing through the power of a #SignatureSpeech to capture everybody’s attention in a room full of people. @FeliciaSlattery
  • My role is to help build your #SignatureSpeech, your target audience to enjoy the experience of interacting with you, and consequently market your business more effectively. @FeliciaSlattery
  • I believe that every single person, no matter who you are, has a story about how you got started doing something. I can mentor you how to use your story for your #SignatureSpeech so people can relate to you.
  • Decades of public speaking with 8000+ speeches I delivered myself and helped others make gives me credibility to turn you into a better communicator for more speaking opportunities and growth for your business. #SignatureSpeech @FeliciaSlattery

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