Thought Leader Life 474: Guest Bobby Herrera



Be customer-obsessed and people-focused to rise from struggles and collectively grow together. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Bobby Herrera (, co-founder and president of the Populus Group, which is a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and Veteran Owned Business (VOB) that makes managing contingent workforces easier.  He authored the book “The Gift of Struggle” which is a backstory of his organization for the last 18 years which has helped a lot of leaders better understand the company’s culture of excellence, community service and servant leadership.

Bobby is passionate about helping leaders understand how their individual struggles can help them connect with their communities and inspire others. He is an Army veteran and storyteller who constantly shares stories on how leaders are most effectively removing struggle from their responsibilities, guides them with entrepreneurial lessons as well as how to give back to the community.

To learn more about Bobby Herrera and employment solutions for customers and valued contract employees in the professional staffing industry, visit his websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders who are struggling to win the war for talent should reach out to Bobby Herrera.
  • My role is to help you manage the invisible workforce made of a complex group of non-traditional, non-permanent or temporary employees and remove the overwhelm so you have more time to create wins for your company. #PeopleFirst
  • With a #PeopleFirst approach, I can help provide you with contingent workforce solutions so you can manage your programs easier and overcome any obstacles along the way.
  • I can assist you in managing payroll and benefits for your independent contractors, niche consultants working in independent projects or specialty candidates to give everyone the opportunity to succeed. #PeopleFirst
  • 18 years of guiding leaders and top organizations with 85% retention rate and 4x net promoter score gives me credibility to replicate customer-centric programs designed for your business that values #PeopleFirst.

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