Thought Leader Life 479: Guest Lashondra Graves



Get a second chance at renting or prevent any eviction through a reliable housing program. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lashondra Graves (, who is the Founder, CEO, and the Apartment Lady at Apartment and A Housing Rentals Foundation. She is also a professor, speaker, and author.

Lashondra is passionate about helping people with bruised rental histories get a second chance at renting. She believes that being well-informed is relevant in addressing this issue. She provides housing programs and resources that will ensure that her clients will be able to keep the rental and prevent any evictions.

If you are having a hard time getting that rental property or is potentially sitting on an eviction notice, you should consider reaching out to Lashondra Graves by visiting her website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • People who are afraid of being evicted should reach out to Lashondra Graves. #AffordableHousingProgram @LashondraGraves
  • Have you ever received an eviction notice? Have you been booted from your place? I can help you land a second chance rental or prevent that eviction. #AffordableHousingProgram @LashondraGraves
  • Are you afraid of being evicted? At Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation, we give our clients access to information that can either land them a second chance rental or prevent an eviction. #HousingProgram @LashondraGraves
  • Have you been evicted? Do you know how to avoid it? I can give you access to our resources and one year program. It is geared towards putting you in a position where you will never be evicted again. #HousingProgram @LashondraGraves
  • Are you afraid of being evicted from your home? You can get access to our #HousingProgram that will help you be self-sufficient and prevent that eviction. @LashondraGraves

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