Thought Leader Life 485: Guest Raj Prasad



Create digital marketing campaigns with positive impact on your company’s bottom line. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Raj Prasad (, virtual solopreneur, consultant, marketing strategist and CEO of WDFA Digital, a small business consulting firm focusing on marketing and sales consulting where he works with customers to create lasting strategies to help drive sales and create efficiency.  He is a Google Partner with knowledge on AdWords and Google Ads marketing and an SEO expert who teaches his clients to leverage that as a marketing channel so that leads turn into sales.

Raj brings his advertising and digital marketing experience to all of WDFA Digital’s clients working on everything from strategy to media buying and video production. He helps companies grow their revenue and add millions to their bottom line.

To learn more about creating custom digital marketing strategies and how to monetize digitally, visit Raj Prasad’s websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • CEOs of companies that are $3M – $5M in revenue who needs to understand the true value of digital marketing should reach out to Raj Prasad.
  • My role is to fix any bad experience you may have on promises that are not delivered to reach, nurture, and successfully communicate with your market digitally. #DigitalReach @marketingfella
  • I can develop a full-on digital infrastructure for your organization to build out your brand on social media networks. #DigitalReach
  • I can provide assistance to you with your website needs especially in making sure you’re connected to the right algorithms and the right resources online. @marketingfella
  • With my guidance, you can get revenues coming from digital marketing through podcasts, search engine optimization, and programmatic language (for whatever the buzzword is for the month) to gain traction in your website. #DigitalReach @marketingfella

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