Thought Leader Life 492: Guest Connie Pheiff



Importance of being shown on how to do it. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and Expert Connie Pheiff ( She is the Chairman of the Board of  Connie Pheiff Companies and the Founder of Talent Concierge. She helps Entrepreneurs transform brands into an obsession in 60-days.

Connie is best known as the Unstoppable DIVA and former Corporate Executive tuned Media Industrialist. Since founding the Pheiff Group, Inc. in 2007, she has become a Social Venture Entrepreneur, producer, and host of the Connie Pheiff Show. She is blessed from her work as a corporate CEO, to becoming an award-winning speaker, High-Performance Coach, Trailblazer, and 5-time author.

If you’re tired of paying a ton of money for all of these places that say they have the answer and they tell you what to do, and you want to work with somebody who’s gonna show you how to do it, you can reach out to Connie Pheiff at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

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