Thought Leader Life 493: Guest Juliet Easton



Optimize your business profit and traffic through badass marketing. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Juliet Easton (, conversion copywriter, poet, author, songwriter, musician, video creator, web developer, content specialist, and marketing strategist and lead copywriter in Badass Marketing. She loves helping businesses focus on how to increase the most profitable and enjoyable aspects of their business as she herself is a serial entrepreneur who likes creating businesses.

Juliet trained with master copywriters Gary Halbert and John Carlton at a three-day, hands-on workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona and has been working with many freelancing clients to create copy including SEO/Conversion website copy, funnel copy including sales and upsell pages, etc., email sequences, among others. She creates copy for her clients that converts a marketing strategy that delivers laser-targeted results.

If you’re not yet getting conversions that you need, consider reaching out to Juliet Easton by visiting her websites and http://badassmarketing/.

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs that don’t have the conversions they want yet should reach out to Juliet Easton.
  • I can look at all the marketing assets your company has and delve deep into how you want to take your ideal customer on your journey with them by maximizing your search engine, mobile and viral social traffic. #BadassMarketing @JulietEaston
  • My role is to come up with a marketing strategy that is unique to your exact ideal client and exact product or services and make a match made in heaven between those two things. #BadassMarketing @JulietEaston
  • Do you have a great copy but a horrible layout in your website? Or a great layout but the copy is bad? I can help tweak the site content and design to market your brand better. #BadassMarketing
  • My years of experience in internet marketing and rockstar reviews from clients with numbers to show that I know what I’m doing gives me credibility to show you how to use #BadassMarketing to drive overall growth in your business. http://badassmarketing/ @JulietEaston

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