Thought Leader Life 504: Guest Scott Messer



Take charge of the selling process and gain skyrocketing profits that won’t disappoint the dreams of your CEO with a highly effective and non-traditional system. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Scott Messer (, Founder at Sales Evolution, LLC.

Scott has been a business development professional and serial entrepreneur for over 25 years. Before starting Sales Evolution, LLC, he has held different sales, sales management, and executive positions at Union Carbide, American Chemsol Corporation, Griff Machine Products Company, Ultimate Software Group, Data Flow Information Systems, Compuware Corporation and Growth Dynamics.

If you’re the CEO, or you sit on the board of a company, and the sales organization is kind of shattering either quarter over quarter, you might want to reach out to Scott Messer by going to his website at or visiting his profile at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Sales teams that are shattering their CEO’s dreams should reach out to Scott Messer.
  • The Guess Free Selling Program includes live and online training, webinars, videos and all the typical things. But, what really distinguishes our work is the extensive one-on-one individual coaching that all the participants receive.
  • I have the credibility to do what I do with our client success. We have many CEOs and sales leaders who have become our evangelists. The work is truly life changing for those who get it.
  • Everybody on the sales team is a former student and together, we’ve worked with thousands of sales people and coached over a billion dollars’ worth of wins.
  • It is important to get the truth from your prospects and buyers. That would allow you to determine if they quality for you, and get them to say “yes” or “no” faster. Do you use help from an expert to make this possible? You should!

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