Thought Leader Life 508: Guest Timothy Jones



Generating business for healthcare providers through customer acquisition and creating a competitive advantage. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Timothy Jones ( He is the Founding Partner of Eternal Works. He helps small businesses increase their leads and close deals faster. He also helped them increase their ROI and create a competitive advantage.

Tim’s team helps their clients to generate more leads, close customers faster, build brand awareness and create a competitive advantage. They have a 30-minute discovery call where they create the plan to automate lead generation and customer acquisition.

If you’re a #Healthcare provider and you’re not getting the business, you should consider reaching out to Timothy Jones by visiting his website or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • #Healthcare providers that aren’t generating enough business should reach out to Timothy Jones.
  • We’re also doing the things that we’re selling, such as social media, blogging and paid ads. We practice what we preach. #Healthcare @tsjworx
  • We help our clients to build their websites into their best salespeople thus also positioning them as industry thought leaders. #Healthcare @tsjworx
  • We have a lot of behind-the-doors training. There is always researching and digging. We have a few stat books in some industries that we’ve done deep dives of. #Healthcare @tsjworx
  • When our companies, our clients, and our partners invest and they see what we found to be a minimum of about 265% return and even pwards of 750%, it’s not a common thing. But it does happen. #Healthcare @tsjworx

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