Thought Leader Life 513: Guest Vera Jones



Play through the foul by overcoming adversity. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Vera Jones (, a motivational speaker, author and communication coach. She is the Women’s Basketball analyst of Big Ten Network and the president of Vera’s VoiceWorks, LLC.

Her ultimate goal is simply to assist individuals and organizations in reaching theirs. She vicariously conducts professional development coaching in workplaces and organizations.

If you’re a leader of an organization and you’re managing unmanageable employee adversity, you should consider reaching out to Vera Jones by visiting her website at or

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders managing unmanageable employee adversity should reach out to Vera Jones. #adversity @CoachVJones
  • In workplaces and organizations, flagrant fouls do exist. There are trust issues, communication challenges, and low morale. What I ardently grind on is I deal with conflict resolution. #adversity @CoachVJones
  • I’ve been in front of a bunch of people. I can speak to small groups of 10, sometimes I’m speaking to thousands. I have a tangible way to assess just how many people I could inspire and coach from pain into their purpose. #adversity @CoachVJones
  • Play Through the Foul, it was the title of my first book. But it’s a mindset. It’s a mantra for overcoming adversity to win through the game called life! Let me bring success not just to your career but to your personal life as well. #adversity @CoachVJones
  • My greatest claim to fame is I did have a video that went viral on Goalcast that has garnered up to 46.9 million views now. #adversity @CoachVJones

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